The starline design grill augmented reality app

Using augmented reality to select ventilation design

Use virtual reality to place our stylish ventilation grills for heat recovery ventilation in your own home, and find out which design matches your furnishing best. The augmented reality technology will help you select a suitable ventilation grill in a 3D view. The app will show you what effect the design grills will produce in the room.

starline design grill augmented reality app

The starline app in brief

Get a quick and easy picture of how our stylish ventilation grills fit into your living quarters. All you need is: a smartphone or tablet, free starline app, and a printed marker.

This video will show you how to test the design of your choice in the 3D view with the new starline app.

And here’s how it works

1. Load the free starline augmented reality app onto your smartphone or tablet.

2. Download the AR marker and print it out in its original size.
Augmented reality marker

3. Position the marker at the desired location and scan it with the starline augmented reality app.

4. FRÄNKISCHE wishes you a lot of fun while testing and creating!

An interactive experience

With this marker you will enter the augmented reality application.

Simply download, print out and position on the desired location in the room.

The app scans the marker, and the selected design is projected on the screen into the room.

Download marker

Download the free app now and get started!

  • The starline app is intended for smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS.
  • In case the link doesn’t work please search „starline FRAENKISCHE“ in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.